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  • what was the first video game ever created and when?
    The first video game ever made was OXO it was made to resemble the game that everybody now knows as tik tak toe it was created by the british professor A.S Douglas in 1952 in England.
  • What are the prices?
    50 Swiss Francs per activity and location within Zurich. 150 Swiss Francs for a full day of activities and locations within Zurich. 450 Swiss Francs for a complete weekend of activities and locations within Zurich.
  • Term and Conditions
    - Must be +18 and older to book an experience with Sensational Zurich. - Prices do not include personal cosumption in activities and locations. Fast Travelers are paying just for particular insight of Zurich. - Experience Provider's will stay and guide the fast travelers during the duration of the experience in Zurich. Once the fast traveler feels like returning home or to their hotel, the Experience provider will guarantee a safe way home assuring their safelty and well being throught the experience. - The Experience Provider will not serve as a liason for illegal activities in Zurich. Fast Traveler's that choose to engage in illegal activities will be immediatly expelled from the Zurich experience and will be left alone. - Fast Travelers that choose to stay up late in the night activities past midnight will not be under the responsability of the Experience Provider. A safe and quick way home or directions to the fast traveler's hotel can be given but the Experience Provider will not assume any responsability past midnight. - Sensational Zurich is founded under the idea of a beautiful experience in Zurich and is open to everyone. If the Experience Provider believes fast travelers are acting in a dimining way such as acting in sexist, homophobic or racist ways, the Experience Provider will provide the fast traveler with directions back to the fast traveler's hotel but can leave if such actions are portrayed by the fast travelers. No refunds. - Given that the quantity of the payments it not so large and Sensational Zurich wants the fast traveler to feel 100% confident that the company is actually real. Payments will be given to the Experience Provider once the Experience Provider meets with the Fast Traveler's meeting location in Zurich. Cash Only. Further payments methods can be discussed.
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